When I began the Songwriter Soiree over 11 years ago, I never dreamt it might turn into the global village it is now. We have had over 2800 people perform since it’s inception and it’s touched the lives of SO many. And reminded us that we truly are all in this together. It has been a tremendous place of healing for many, and the earth.

This has only exists because…..well, it’s a community! I have always held the values of community investment in my hosting of the soiree. The soiree is directed, organized, guided and supported by its participants, because that is how it truly thrives. And not many people understand how much work goes on to make this happen!

So thank you for being a part of supporting this amazing group. Your financial support really makes a difference! And I look forward to bumping elbows around the campfire of life real soon.

In gratitude,

Robin Jackson, your host