If you are like many people, you are craving connection more than ever right now. In an age of increased separation and acceleration there is nothing I can imagine more healing than sharing music with friends around a campfire! If you have attended any of our past retreats, you know that the outpouring of love, appreciation and excitement that has generated has been truly transformative for so many people.

We just finished an incredible time at our annual Winter retreat at the Oregon Coast and If you didn’t make it, never fear, the next NW Songwriter Soiree Retreat is around the corner! We are excited to offer two retreats each year moving forward — an Autumn and a Spring retreat for contemplation and renewal. And for the Summer of 2024 only we are offering a special one time more informal Summer Music Campout for Friends and family! We look forward to playing with you this year as you discover and life your creative self!

Thanks, and see you ’round the campfire!

Robin Jackson, Retreat Director

Upcoming Events:

Autumn Retreat — Nov 21-24th at Rockaway Beach, OR

Summer Friends and Family Music Campout! — July 25-28th in Sandy, OR



What began in 2009 as a monthly living room potluck songwriter soiree, has turned into one of the largest communities of songwriters and lovers of music in the Pacific Northwest!

What makes the soiree so special is the music, yes…and even more, it’s the PEOPLE! Our mission is to support songwriters of all skill levels and genres, create an inspiring and supportive experience, and provide a safe space where individuals can express themselves through music and storytelling.

This event was born from our monthly soiree and is different from conventional songwriting retreats. You will be stepping into a lovingly curated world of community and connection; a place to enjoy the art and craft of songwriting, to learn music, and to connect to yourself within a more integrated and experience.

Yes, it’s a songwriting retreat. And it’s also a creative arts and community retreat. The retreat provides an opportunity to learn the craft of songwriting, to develop and expand musical skills, and to commune and share with others, yourself, and nature, in an intimate and connected way. Whether you are a songwriter yet or not, this event is for you!

The focus of the retreat is on the SHARING aspect. In addition to the AMAZING songwriting and music workshops offered, the main event is an open mic session each night wherein participants share songs they have written, or are working on…followed by all night campfire jams!

Also note that sharing a song or writing a song isn’t required at all. How you participate is up to you! Just listen, bring your presence, give feedback, relax, learn and enjoy!

All of this magic is set in a location that provides an environment conducive to creativity, support and relaxation!

Join us at one of our upcoming events! July 25-28th is our smaller and more informal Summer Friends and Family Music Campout and then November 21-24th we are back full on with our Autumn Retreat at the coast!

“You could not ask for a more receptive, listening, and encouraging audience to play for! It was so inspiring to see some people who had never played or performed before, or played anything before, allowing themselves to get up and be vulnerable and show themselves….The whole experience was something special!”

— Gabriella C

It was amazing. Probably the best group experience of my life.

— DeAnna Rose, Soiree Participant.

Summer Friends and Family Music Campout! — July 25-28th

Autumn Retreat — Nov 21-24th



The organizers of the NW Songwriter Soiree Retreat recognizes that oppression is real and that some of us (white people) reap unequal benefits from a legacy of privilege. 

We believe that anytime people gather and hold space, it is a powerful opportunity to acknowledge and shift the ways oppressive systems harm and disconnect us from ourselves, from each other, and from the earth. We see it as a necessity in order for growth and transformation to take place.

We recognize that there are people in bodies which are marginalized. We aspire to co-create a space that is as safe as possible for all people, with the understanding that a fully safe space is impossible in our world. People of all races, sizes, ages, cultural backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, trauma backgrounds, and religions are welcome. Intentional words and actions that promote racism, misogyny, hatred, bigotry, supremacy, sizeism, transphobia, ageism, or divisiveness will not be tolerated and will constitute expulsion from the retreat. 

“I came to the retreat curious about how this might further inspire my fledgling songwriting. When I arrived, I felt excited but also nervous, what was I doing here?! I was warmly welcomed and immediately felt at ease. The entire weekend was full of authentic connection and beautiful expression. I left feeling more open, expansive, inspired and supported. I couldn’t have asked for a better audience to share with for the first time!”

— Maria Veltman

I had wondered, as a non-singer, non-songwriter, and non-musician, what I could possibly get from this weekend. And, I got a lot. Songwriting was just the vehicle for the retreat’s true purpose: this was a creativity retreat! That’s something worthwhile even for someone whose only instrument is the kazoo.”

— Avi Kindle