Retreat Information
Summer Campout

This page contains all you need to know regarding your time at the 2024 Summer Friends and Music Campout! We will also email you the most important things to know. Please let us know if you have any questions!


The property is located 10 minutes East of Sandy, OR on the 26. The address is 47007 US 26.

If you’re coming from Portland, turn around at Wagoneer Loop as there isn’t a left hand turn lane. The property comes up pretty quickly after the loop on the right. You’ll see a large open field with a white trailer and a cell tower on it. The turn into the property is at the second gate right before the house that looks like a restaurant (46881). Look for the “47007” on the post.  Take the road behind the restaurant-house. 

When you see the delivery bin, stay to the left and take the road until you see the sign that says “Blue Barn” and make a right. Be on the lookout for a greeter.

Arrival and Departure Info


You may arrive anytime after 3pm on Thursday, July 25th. Please do not arrive before this time. You may arrive and depart anytime you wish during the event.

There will be a brief opening circle on Friday afternoon at 2pm. We encourage you attend this to connect and get information on the weekend flow.

Camp will end at 1pm on Sunday, July 28th. Please plan to be off the property by 2pm.

Carpool — it’s cool!

Help get more cars off the road and help others looking for a ride! If you can offer a ride, it will really help people out and reduce emissions! We have lots of people looking! It’s also a GREAT way to make a new friend before the event! To offer a ride or ask for a ride please visit our fancy google sheet CARPOOL PAGE.


All accommodations are camping (you must bring your tent and all bedding). There will also be room for some RV’s and campers. If you want to bring an RV or camper, please indicate this on your registration form below. RV’s or trailers over 25ft will park near the entrance which is a 5-8 min walk to the main area.

There will be a mix of flush toilets and porto-potties available. As well as hot showers available on a minimal basis. There is also a creek!


Our events run on volunteer power! That means YOU : ) We will need some help with set up, breakdown, and running the event. All volunteers can arrive early. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact us by emailing with the word VOLUNTEER FOR CAMP in the subject line. Or place your name in a slot on the volunteer sheet. Thank you!


No meals will be provided. We may offer some tea and snacks, and anyone is welcome to bring items to share. We *may* offer private food truck service, and if so will announce it. For now, plan to bring your camp kitchen and get to know your neighbors!

We are having a POTLUCK on Saturday night for community building. Please bring something you can share!

Campfire Jams and Workshops!

This event will be largely driven by all participants! Some of the Soiree teachers will offer workshops both formally and informally.
We will also have space for ANYONE to offer a workshop or jam!

We expect jams to be happening all day and night! Come prepared to enjoy! Anyone is welcome to jam and share music.

In addition to the soiree, we will have campfires for song sharing each night. Anything goes! The fire may be lightly facilitated to help make the experience top notch for everyone. Sometimes the best magic happens in the wee hours – just make sure you get enough sleep! 

Connect on the Event Facebook Group

Please join our private Facebook Group ( you must register to get access) to connect to other participants, ask questions and get smaller updates and reminders! You will receive an invite for it.

What to Bring and Not to Bring!


Below are key things we recommend.

  • Your tent, bedding and all camping gear
  • Camp kitchen
  • Food for the weekend
  • Something for the Sat eve potluck
  • Camp chairs
  • Instruments – ( as well as songbooks, music, recorders, tuner, batteries, strings, picks…) We provide a house guitar, piano and amps
  • Earplugs if you’re a light sleeper
  • Hot water bottle if you’re a cold sleeper
  • Towel and swim suit!
  • Clothing for all weather (It’s Oregon, you never know)
  • Notebook and pens for writing and workshops
  • Munchies
  • Yoga Mat for morning yoga
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Dress up clothes if you want to get fancy!


  • Pets (we may be able to accommodate a small amount of pre-approved dogs. If you need to bring your dog, please contact us.)
  • Synths, drum kits, bagpipes etc unless you check w/ us first. Feel free to check! (Keyboards are very welcome! We will have 1-2 keyboards available. 
  • Cold and flu symptoms 

Alcohol Use

No alcohol consumption is permitted during our event. Thank you.


Smoking is allowed ONLY at a designated smoking area, which will be determined and announced on opening night.

Keep Camp Healthy and Covid Protocols

This year, more than ever we are asking for your cooperation in keeping our camp healthy!

Are you sick, or starting to get sick? Please don’t bring your germs to camp. Pretend we’re a tiny cruise ship on a musical voyage. If you wake up with symptoms the morning of camp, please do not come to camp. We will make arrangements with you regarding your registration.

We recognize that at this point Covid (or the flu) is a known factor in attending any event. Based on our camp being mostly outside, general trends for events like ours, and the declaration of the public health emergency by the CDC, we are no longer requiring testing for COVID in order to attend.

That said, COVID is still around and we still ask for your cooperation in keeping our camp healthy.

If you start to experience mild symptoms, please put on an KN95 mask immediately, stay outside, and take a rapid antigen test.  If you did not bring one with you, please find a staff member to help you take a test kit.  If you test positive, you will be asked to pack up and depart immediately.  If you do not feel well enough to do so or need support in navigating your departure, please let us know.  

Check the NW Songwriter Soiree Facebook Group for updates and suggestions as well!  
Anyone not able to attend or having to leave camp due to covid will be offered credit towards future events on a case by case basis. 
Pre-Camp Precautions: Please help us reduce the risk of all germs at camp by exercising particular caution in your exposures to potentially contagious people prior to camp! 

We will allow all participants personal choice about masking and social distancing. You are free to mask or distance, but please be aware that most participants will likely not be masking or social distancing. If you are uncomfortable with this, we understand, and we ask that you stay home and we will discuss your registration arrangements.

WASH YOUR HANDS–OFTEN—especially right before meals. OK? Now let’s go play music….!

Safer Space Policy

The organizers of the NW Songwriter Soiree Retreat recognizes that oppression is real and that some of us (Especially white people) reap unequal benefits from a legacy of privilege. 

We believe that anytime people gather and hold space, it is a powerful opportunity to acknowledge and shift the ways oppressive systems harm and disconnect us from ourselves, from each other, and from the earth. We see it as a necessity in order for growth and transformation to take place.

We recognize that there are people in bodies which are marginalized. We aspire to co-create a space that is as safe as possible for all people, with the understanding that a fully safe space is impossible in our world. People of all races, sizes, ages, cultural backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, trauma backgrounds, and religions are welcome. Intentional words and actions that promote racism, misogyny, hatred, bigotry, supremacy, sizeism, transphobia, ageism, or divisiveness will not be tolerated and will constitute expulsion from the retreat. 

Cancelation Policy for this event

  • Cancel before April 30th – Full tuition refund less $50
  • Cancel between May 1st and May 30th – 75% refund.
  • Cancel on or after June 1st – No refunds.
  • You may transfer your ticket to another person at any time.